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GMP-Grade PCR Polymerase Selection Guide
Find the right polymerase for your application. Click on the product name to learn more.
  General characteristics   Manufactured as a quality-assured product under GMP
  conditions.These polymerases are produced using rigorous
  manufacturing standards to ensure quality and consistency.
  All materials are GMP grade, with traceable production
  Applications  ·Applications
 ·Multiplex PCR
 ·Hot-start PCR
 ·Multiplex PCR
 ·Preparative PCR
 ·Whole-genome PCR
 ·Primer extension
 ·Rare template amplification
  Formulated for
  commercial and
  OEM use
  Enzyme specifications
  No observable degradation
  No observable degradation
  Nicking activities   No observable relaxation of
  supercoiled DNA
  No observable relaxation of
  supercoiled DNA
  Residual E. coli gDNA   <10 copies/1.25="" u="">
  <10 copies/1="" μl="" of="" enzyme="">
  Hot-start activity   Confirmed
  T/A overhangs or
  blunt ends
  PCR performance   8-kb fragment was amplified
  1.3-kb and 407-bp
  fragments were amplified
  Sensitivity (λDNA)   0.5-kb fragment was amplified
  from 10 pg of λDNA
  0.5-kb fragment was amplified
  from 10 pg of λ DNA
  Sensitivity (human
  0.1-kb fragment was amplified
  from 30 pg of human genomic
  0.1-kb fragment was amplified
  from 30 pg of human genomic